Learning to Live with Personal Responsibility, in Peace and Harmony with all Creation.

The Atalanta project is a non-profit enterprise which is building and creating a model permaculture and husbandry environment. It is a place of learning that fosters growth of children and adults in the healing, creative, and technological arts, which honors the human spirit, nature, and community.

To date Atalanta has been using permaculture-based land-use design to demonstrate sustainable living through cultural, economic, and environmental programs. The current structures on the land demonstrate alternative building methods and materials, renewable energy sources, and ecologically appropriate technology. Atalanta projects at this time include the Community Co-Op Orchard Garden, the High Valley Dairy Goat and Sheep Co-Op, and the Therapeutic Riding Program.

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We’re still here!

This is just a quick update to let you know we are still here! We have just wrapped up a fantastic growing season for the cooperative garden – our 17th year! The animals are happy and healthy and we have many new and exciting developments that wiill be announced soon so please stay tuned. Here are some beautiful pictures from the land this summer.